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Established in Shenzhen, one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing cities in the world, Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Society (AIRS) is an institute for fundamental and applied researches in artificial intelligence and robotics (AIR). The main contributor of AIRS is The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, with collaboration with worldwide top institutions in AIR. It aims to create a brand new mode, combining top university resources, international collaborations, industrial demands, investment support, and incubation motivations, etc.


AIRS will be one active and constructive member in the global research community, endeavoring to develop and promote AIR technologies, and make them available for the society like air to human beings. The objectives of AIRS are to establish an internationally open institute, so that prestigious scholars worldwide can enjoy conducting researches in AIRS, gather and cultivate talents for future leaders, promote the industrialization of AI and robotics, and ultimately, create a kernel city of AI and robotics for the world.


AIRS has built up a highly qualified team, including 42 faculty members with 9 IEEE Fellows, and 12 key research centers in areas of machine learning, robotics, computer vision, cloud computing, IoT, networking, AI applications, etc.