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AIRS International Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship


AIRS International Postdoctoral Fellowship

is administered by the Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Society (AIRS) for selected candidates admitted as new full-time Post docs in AIRS and overseas universities researching in the academic fields that are related to AIRS’s researches and interests.


  • Duration and Support

   (1)The duration of the fellowship ranges from one to three years.

   (2)Each International Postdoctoral Fellow (PDF) shall be granted an annual support of RMB 500,000 including salary, medical insurance, and travel support.


  • Requirements

   (1)The PDF is required to have two supervisors, one from a leading overseas research institute and one from AIRS.

   (2)The PDF can spend up to half of the appointment time in the overseas research institute, and spend rest of the time in AIRS.

   (3)The PDF's performance will be reviewed annually by AIRS to determine the continuation of the support.

   (4)AIRS should be the PDF's first affiliation in all publications and patents produced by the PDF during the supporting period.