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About the Center

As a part of the AIRS, this Research Center on Internet of Things and Smart Cloud was established in 2019 and hosted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. The Center has been fully committed to integrating HPC server clusters, AI-oriented datacenters, and IoT edge platform to build a top-class research facility on the CUHK-SZ campus.

This cloud system construction will complete by August 2020. We provide a public cloud, which will be open to all research centers in AIRS, Big Data Research Institute, and other research institutes and universities in Shenzhen. The cloud system will also serve all scientific and industrial communities in the Greater Bay Area of the Pearl River Basin.


Our Mission

Our research highlights cognitive computing, deep learning, and algorithms for big data in the context of smart applications integrating IoT and cloud such as product optimization, material allocation, manufacturing process management, logistical planning, smart city, social media analytics, cognitive internet of vehicles, 5G cognitive system. We try to fulfill the objectives including the following goals.  

· Develop a cloud-based supply chain management system which combines AI chips, IoT sensors, and robotic intelligence;

· Implement cognitive computing and smart manufacturing to strengthen the supply chain management and its civilian utilization;

· Access the big data in industry and finance, which are protected by data privacy regulations, to facilitate a joint of the public cloud and the hybrid cloud;

· Combine HPC cloud with 5G edge computing to update the application of big data analytics and IoT;

· Conduct interactive experiments on robots, autonomous vehicles and boats on the cloud platform and 5G IoT.


Our Research

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